A Name Synonymous with the Mass Republican Party.

Novak was endorsed by the Brockton Republican party for state committee over former gubernatorial and senator candidate Jeffry Diehl.

Diehl received no votes in the seven wards that met in October. He received no votes from the city committee.

There was unanimous support for Larry Novak to be state committee man.

Brockton is the largest city committee in the state with 244 members.

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for Republican State Committee

Party Service

Former Vice Chairman Mass Republican Party

Former Treasurer Mass Republican Party

Former State Committee

Chairman of Brockton City Committee

Chairman of Ward 1 Committee

Member of Brockton City Committee

Member of Ward 1 Committee

Former member of Republican Party of Mass Fundraiser Committee

Former Chairman of Republican Lawyer Association

Delegate to Republican National 1984, 1922, 1996, 2004,2008


Member of Whitman Republican Town Committee

Delegate 2016

Elected Official

Former Brockton School Committee

Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Massasoit College

Raised Funds

Mass Republican Party

Brockton Republican Party

Ward 1

Republican Lawyer Association

Party Affiliation

Lifelong Republican

Juris Doctor


B.S. in Accounting

Republican Since 2009


Donation/Support to Party